Single Story Homes for Sale in Gilbert, Arizona with a Fireplace

It is true that the desert here in Arizona does eventually cool down during the Fall and Winter. Residents of Gilbert, Arizona eagerly anticipate that time of year when we can open up our windows and doors to let the Autumn breeze flow through our homes during the day and light up the fireplace at night to cozy up the living room. 

However, Arizona is also known for it's air pollution during the Winter as particulates get trapped in the air above the desert floor which is surrounded by mountains. It doesn't rain often here which is a vital part of cleaning up the dirty air that has nowhere to go. I wrote a previous article about Arizona's No Burn Days which you can read about HERE.

Because of these restrictive No Burn Day's, gas fireplaces are what you will mostly find here as they are cleaner burning. You can still find good old fashion wood burning fireplaces too for those that long to hear the crackling and smell of real more.