Animals of the MLS

This week's featured pet on Animals of the MLS is ready for their close up! Posed and poised our four-legged friend is ready to ham it up for the cameras! You can't help but smile when you see such a happy creature enjoying the special attention they are getting at this moment. This dog appears as if they might very well have Hollywood aspirations and this is their one shot at the big time! National exposure on a major website and they didn't even have to pay for fancy, expensive modeling agency representation! They certainly took this opportunity to be front and center to showcase their lovable, calm, and cool demeanor.

I can just bet that this pooch followed the real estate agent around the entire house trying to sneak in to every possible picture. I'm sure they tried to convince the photographer to capture their likeness from several different angles to ensure a wide variety of shots that may impress potential talent scouts. Perhaps trying to get a picture by the fireplace to show a studious side, or maybe an outdoor picture chasing a ball in the yard for a more action packed photograph. Even friendly looking family pets like this, although at first glance would appear to be docile and welcoming can still be a turn off to some buyers that have a fear of dogs or pet allergies. There are many buyers who are uneasy around animals even if domesticated so removing the pet from the home if at all possible is preferred for any showings. 

As for the picture of the room it's very confusing what the agent was trying to highlight except for the dog. There's simply nothing else to view. What part of the house is this room located? How big is it? Are there any upgraded lights, fans, or fixtures? Are there any windows that can be opened to let in natural light during the day? Besides the worn out wood-laminate flooring you can't tell anything else about home from viewing this photograph. Unless the agent was specifically trying to point out to potential buyers that there was an animal present at the property, there's no other reason why this picture should have been added to the listing.   

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