What I learned in Real Estate this week - 11/1/15

My next door neighbors moved out this week. They were a nice couple with two small children. I would see them often in their front yard as I walked to the mailbox throughout the week. I stopped and chatted with them quite frequently. They were renters and had moved in to the Gilbert area to be closer to their friends and family. A year ago, the wife had complications during her third pregnancy and unfortunately lost the baby. Relocating to be around a support structure was much needed. 

I've known the house next door was a rental property since we moved in. I've actively marketed to the owner over the last few years and never received any sort of response due to my frequent mailings to his home address. I also had several conversations with the husband and wife who were renting about being able to help them with any of their real estate needs in the future. 

I was a bit surprised to wake up to a moving truck the morning they moved out. They hadn't mentioned anything to me about finding a new place to stay. There wasn't any activity around their home leading up to the move that would have indicated they were about to leave. A half dozen trucks and several people were hustling about, hauling, and loading all of their belongings in to the various vehicles and within a few hours they were gone. Just like that. No "goodbye" or "good luck" was to be uttered or shared between us..read more

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