Animals of the MLS

If this week's featured pet on Animals of the MLS could talk they would either be telling us to "come on in" or "go away". Either scenario is a possibility, however, we do know that they are eagerly awaiting a guest to come to the door while they check out the activity happening on the front porch. If I had to guess, we could probably find this guy gazing out of his favorite window multiple times per day to make sure there aren't any mailmen, stray cats, or passing vehicles he needs to bark at. 

I'm sure this furry friend of the family is most likely the type that patiently waits by the front door for their owners to come home. Ample tail wagging, jumping, and vigorous barking most assuredly ensues upon the sellers returning from work each day. The problem with this habit is that it will perhaps be repeated when any potential buyers stop by to view the property. Unless the animal is removed or kenneled for showings, a potential home shopper may get an overly enthusiastic greeting when they visit this house. Small children, elderly clients, or those buyers who have a fear of animals will be turned off by such an exuberant reception even if the animal is well intended. 

As for the picture of the front porch itself I'm not sure what the agent was attempting to highlight. It's not a large enough area that you can sit out on a warm evening while sipping an ice cold beverage, swinging on your porch swing and waving at the neighbors. There isn't anything particularly enticing or intriguing about the front door. It seems fairly standard and nothing to boast about as a selling feature. Other than a small amount of greenery and the dog peering at you through the glass there's really nothing "alive" about this photograph. Normally I'd have a suggestion or two about how a picture could have been taken better but in all honestly I would have just skipped this one altogether. This isn't a porch that needed to be highlighted in any way as a selling feature to potential buyers. It's not as if it's necessarily an undesirable space, I'm just guessing there were other parts of the home that could have been touched upon instead. 

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