What I learned in Real Estate this week - 11/22/15

Have you ever confronted a toddler about eating a cookie before dinner only to have them deny the accusation? But what they don't realize is they have chocolate all over their face. Guilty as charged, they refuse to admit their wrongdoing until you hold a mirror up for them to see their reflection. I had a similar event occur this week with the manager of a escrow agency. 

An agent under my brokerage had been dealing with a nightmare of a transaction the past six weeks. The seller he was representing challenged him and kept him on his toes at every turn. In spite of the obstacles he was able to get the buyer and seller to the closing table only to have a previously negotiated cost on the wrong side of the final settlement statement. Early on in the contract negotiations my agents seller refused to pay for a home warranty and specifically reference the section number and line number of the contract and stated that the home warranty was to be changed to read 'paid for by buyer'. Both parties signed this counter offer which referenced the agreed upon change. The seller did however agree to pay a percentage of the buyers closing costs which also was referenced in all the appropriate sections of the contract and was signed off on by both parties...read more

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