Five Aspect of my Business that I am Thankful for Every Year

Not everyone gets to do what they truly enjoy for a living. In fact, a recent Gallup poll suggested that almost 70% of individuals were unhappy in their current employment situations. But what makes people dislike their jobs so much? Do they work longer hours compared to others? Do their bosses and co-workers make for a difficult environment? Is the daily commute a source of stress? What if they just don't feel like their job makes an impact? 

I would love to say that I chose real estate as a career at age 23 because I had a burning desire to be in the housing industry but that's simply not true. Not unlike many other agents, I originally attained my real estate license as means to an end. I saw the flexibility in schedule, and ability to earn a good living while being present and available for my young daughter. I never imagined it turning in to the 17 year successful journey it's been to this point. Real estate does have it's ups and downs. You'll have good years and bad years. However, you can't argue the fact that what we do as agents makes a huge impact on the lives of the individuals we serve. That leads me in to the Five points of my business in which I am truly thankful:  



A small business owner is nothing without customers. Whether you own a mechanic shop, a restaurant, or a local clothing boutique, the life-blood of any establishment is it's clientele. Every real estate transaction I complete for a buyer or seller is unique as are the individuals I get the privilege to serve. I learn from my clients as much as they learn from me. I've had the opportunity to become life-long friends with a handful of people throughout the years as a result of my profession. I am thankful for those who cross my path and enter in to a partnership with me in one of the biggest decisions they'll ever make. 



I grew up in a small farm town in Michigan. At age 19 I jettisoned off to Arizona with nothing more than a full tank of gas and a few full suitcases. There are many reasons to be nostalgic in regards to where my early memories were formed, however, the small town life, harsh winters, and humidity are not fond recollections. Real estate has enough troubles of it's own but living and working in Arizona allow me the ability to perform my tasks and duties better than if I were to live in other parts of the Country. I never have to worry about blizzards, ice storms, tornadoes, or earthquakes. The constant sunshine makes it easy to schedule and plan for showings. A few months out of the Summer we have late afternoon monsoon storms that can rear their ugly head, but they are most often predicted and not a major deterrent to my job as an agent. 


Smart phones

I remember quite a few years ago when I upgraded from a flip phone to a Blackberry. It was the first mobile Internet device I ever had and my whole world changed. I could use Google maps to navigate and plan my route for the day. It had the first generation of mobile apps to help with scheduling and keeping track of business. Now my iPhone is the lifeline that keeps me afloat and connected with clients, agents, business partners, friends, and family. I can upload documents and immediately send them to be electronically signed. I have the ability to research a property for one client while waiting in a coffee shop to meet another. Technology has permanently changed the way we do business. It has made me more effective and efficient. 



If you've ever personally handled your taxes as a small business owner you know how laborious and treacherous those waters can be to navigate. Early on in my career I attempted to complete my own taxes every year under the guise of being hands-on and not wanting to give the reigns of my business over to someone else. Now that I am not just an agent, but a Broker who runs their own brokerage, it's imperative that my finances be handled with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Getting on the wrong side of the IRS is not a position anyone wants to be in. My CPA keeps me above the board, on track, and in good standing so that I can focus on what I do best which is service my customers.  



Freedom encompasses more than just an ability to earn a living. I am thankful that I live in a Country that allows the freedom to pursue greatness. I am grateful that real estate affords me the capability to schedule my day so that I don't have to miss out on any number of meaningful family activities or events throughout the course of the year. We all make sacrifices in real estate and our clients and schedules can be very demanding. But the truth is I have the freedom to control where I devote my time each day unlike the aforementioned 70% of Americans unhappy with their occupations. 

Thanksgiving is certainly a time for reflection on what we have been given. I wish it didn't take a scheduled holiday to bring out this characteristic of thankfulness in some individuals. None-the-less, this is a wonderful time of year to count our blessings and contemplate our riches, whether that be physically, mentally, spiritually, or all of the above.

 If you or someone you know are interested in purchasing or selling real estate in Gilbert, Arizona or the East Valley the contact us today! You'll be thankful that you did!