What I learned in Real Estate this week - 11/29/15

All was quiet on the Western real estate front this week as Thanksgiving came and went with many calories ingested and naps taken throughout the Country. Homeowners everywhere took time out of their busy lives to slow down and enjoy friends and family around them by either inviting them in to their homes or traveling to someone elses residence to enjoy the holiday there. 

Inevitably, however, there is a negative impact that this week tends to have on the real estate market. Almost everything comes to a screeching halt. Title agencies, lending institutions, buyers, sellers, and everyone in between begin to work fewer hours, take more vacation time, and start to focus on holiday related activities. This tends to put a damper on a business that relies upon many cogs working together and marching towards a successful close of escrow. 

It's easy for any business professional that has ties to the real estate industry to begin our annual holiday induced panic as the market begins to slow and business does the same. Will our phone ever ring again? When will we get another email from a prospective client looking to sell or purchase a home? Why has my website traffic suddenly been cut in half? Even the most savvy real estate veteran can begin to question their overall business plan and outlook when the holidays are in full swing...read more

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