Animals of the MLS

We've got a two for one in this weeks Animals of the MLS. Who doesn't enjoy watching dogs splash around in water whether that be at the lake or in a backyard swimming pool? I think it would be a pretty safe bet to say these two friends spend many hours cooling off and making waves together in this refreshing concrete lagoon. I would ask why one of our pooch pals has a t-shirt on but then again, who cares? It's adorable! I don't think these two could be any happier and I can only assume a long afternoon nap awaited them after their vigorous play time romp. 

If these dogs are this comfortable around the unfamiliar agent snapping photos in their backyard it's probably safe to say they wouldn't pose a threat to any potential buyers that arrived to view the property. However, that doesn't mean these guys shouldn't be taken for a walk or kenneled for showings. Even the friendliest of animals can turn in a heartbeat if they feel threatened or scared. But by the smiles and playful character being displayed by these guys I think the only danger here is being licked to death. 

As for the picture of the backyard itself it seems to have some good selling features that weren't highlighted very well. There isn't a lot of greenery or shade, however there is a view fence that appears to open up to some sort of natural reserve or basin. The angle of this photograph could have captured more of that open space beyond the view fence giving off the impression that the backyard was larger and more open. Since the pool seems as if it takes up the majority of the backyard a wide angle lens could have also gone a long way in opening up this space a little more than what was showcased. This is also a great example of an opportunity the agent had to return to the home later in the day and photograph this backyard at dusk. We have some great sunsets here in Arizona and I imagine turning on the pool and backyard lights coupled with the natural sunset lighting would have made for a beautiful picture. 

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