Ugly Christmas Sweater Party in Gilbert, Arizona 2015

The popularity of ugly Christmas sweater parties has soared over the past few years. Major department stores now have whole sections devoted to ugly Christmas sweaters. If you've never attended one before, the objective of the party is to wear the most festive yet ugly Christmas sweater you can find in hopes of winning a prize for being the best, or should I say, worst dressed. 

Josh and I will be attending our annual church leadership group Christmas party this evening with the ugly Christmas sweater theme in mind. If you know us at all we're not the type of people to just go to our nearest mall and pick up a corporately made sweater specifically marketed for this type of occasion. Instead, about a week ago, we began to frequent all of our local Goodwill stores in search of a true, one of a kind ugly Christmas sweater. It can take some time sifting and sorting through racks of used, donated clothing before finding a great candidate, however, earlier this week I finally found my attire for the evening:

I'm sure some older individuals out there would consider this sweater to be fashionable and festive for the season but in my age group and below this castoff cardigan can only be considered an outstanding example of an ugly Christmas sweater. Tonight's party will also include a white elephant gift exchange and of course we also found the perfect gifts for that at our local Goodwill. All totaled we spent under $10. Now where else can you spend that little and be entertained as much as we will be tonight?