Animals of the MLS

This weeks Animals of the MLS features a bulky bulldog who's curious to know just what's going on in his backyard. He's keeping his distance from the agent or photographer but rest assured he's also standing guard to make sure there's no funny business going on. I can't quite tell whether the look on his face shows he's inquisitive or whether he's not appreciative of a stranger roaming about his domain. Either way, I'm not even the one taking the picture in this scenario and I'm uncomfortable with this pooches posture. If I were in this situation I would most likely feel more at ease with the owners removing their beloved bulldog so that I could take my time and get a better photograph than the one which was ultimately taken.

I've been in many situations throughout my years of real estate in which I was made to feel uneasy with a clients animal. We can certainly do our best to assess each listing when a pet is present and give our own professional advice on how to handle showings but it's still up to the homeowner to follow our guidance. If I were to have been representing this specific seller I would have definitely advised them to have their pet removed from the home for showings so that any potential buyer would feel more comfortable roaming and examining the house thoroughly and freely. Even if their canine companion was kenneled there is still the possibility of the animal incessantly barking at any stranger entering the house thus turning the attention of any buyers away from viewing the property and on to the uneasy animal. 

As for the picture of the backyard itself there's a laundry list of items I would have corrected. This is yet again another moment where a wide angle lens could have given the space more depth and width. It doesn't appear to be a very large backyard but it could have been showcased greater than it was. The patchy and over-grown grass should have been trimmed. The multiple barbeque's, chairs, and garden hose should have been completely removed which would have given a less cluttered feel to the patio area, and of course our four-legged friend should have been kept inside and out of view. 

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