Animals of the MLS

Last week's Animals of the MLS featured a ninja cat hidden and ready to pounce on any unsuspecting potential buyer. This week is the exact opposite! Here we find two furry friends front and center for all to see. One is enjoying an afternoon of leisure on their dog bed and the other is either focused on a treat or gnawing away at his favorite chew toy.  Both animals are at least pre-occupied and indifferent to the agent's presence who is snapping pictures of their domain. But since they seem to be so easily distracted it's a little perplexing why the owners didn't just move both of them in to a different room so the agent could get an animal free shot of this space. 

They both appear to be a pretty good sized pets so taking them for a walk or kenneling them for showings would be an absolute must. There are a lot of buyers that do not like dogs and these could be very intimidating to some. Perhaps even to the point of them not even wanting to view the property at all. The demeanor's being displayed here in this photo show they can be relaxed and calm but that doesn't guarantee they'll be this docile when other strangers enter their home. It's always better as a homeowner to remove or at least contain animals for more