What I learned in Real Estate this week - 8/23/15

A real estate transaction is never complete until everyone signs on the dotted line at the closing table. Some home purchases go smoother than expected while others can be forty miles of rough road. However, one thing is always for sure; You need to be engaged and present for your clients the whole way through. 

I was given a buyer referral from a friend of mine about a month ago. It only took one trip out to view a handful of properties before they found a home that worked great for them. Based on all of my advice they formed a strong offer which was submitted and accepted within a day.  

The inspection found typical items that needed to be addressed such as roofing and air conditioning repairs. The inspector also noted that the pool was badly in need of resurfacing which should be done within the next two to three years and would cost around $3,000. My clients decided the major pool expense was not a deal breaker and they would rather request the sellers fix other aspects of the property that were more important to them...read more

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