What I learned in Real Estate this week - 8/9/15

One of the agents who works under my brokerage closed on her very first transaction this week. Now, when I say she closed on her very first home purchase I mean it. She had never bought a home before...Ever! Not only was this her first real estate transaction it was for herself. Purchasing a home for herself wasn't the reason she became a real estate agent. However, when it became clear to her that buying a home was a very real option for her and her family earlier this year, she jumped at the chance. 

It was fun for me as her broker to answer all of her questions throughout the process. The childlike enthusiasm she had when viewing properties and discussing contracts with me is one of the reasons I love being a mentor and a broker for new agents. It allows me to see the world through the lens of someone new to the industry. It helps me revisit old topics routinely and keeps my skill set sharpened...read more

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