Animals of the MLS

In this week's edition of Animals of the MLS we have a happy hound who's delighted to take center stage. These mid-sized dogs are usually the upbeat and energetic type who will bounce up and down the second their owner comes through the door after a long day at work. I bet this guy will wear you out on a trip to the park to play endless hours of fetch. There's also a good chance he likes to cuddle up on the couch with his owners for some late night movie watching in hopes of getting a few hand fed treats! 

These medium sized dogs generally pack a lot of energy which can mean bad things when it comes to preparing a home to be placed up for sale. First of all, these spirited and active tail-waggers are routinely known to be jumpers. If the animal is not removed or kenneled for showings a potential buyer could be turned off or distracted by the enthusiastic creature vying for their attention by jumping up on them. Secondly, a lively breed such as this can also be known for digging whether that be at the carpet inside, or the grass and gravel outside. A good agent would be prepared to give the homeowner a thorough and honest property evaluation to determine what, if any, repairs need to be done because of damaged caused by their beloved family pet. 

As for the picture of the room itself there are quite a few corrections I would have made aside from removing the precious pooch. You can see from the darkness through the windows that this photo shoot was done at night. Lack of natural light makes this space seem dark and uninviting. Having home pictures taken during daytime hours allows the ability to open up the window treatments and curtains to let the sun shine through which not only helps in enlarging spaces but giving a brighter feel to home shoppers. The second issue I have is the furniture. It's big, bulky, and taking up most of the room. Again, I'd venture to guess this front living area is much larger than the picture makes it seem but the over sized couches, and large coffee table don't do it justice. Hiring a professional stager to reconfigure this room would have done wonders in opening up the area to show it's true potential. 

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