Winter Camp, Football, and a Complicated Lease Purchase

Many of you know that my husband and I volunteer as High School mentors and leaders with our home church here in Gilbert, Arizona. We've attended Redemption Church since 2005 and have been working with our High School groups for the past two years now. Our annual Winter Camp is at Lost Canyon in Williams, Arizona which is just to the West of Flagstaff. This year it fell over the weekend of January 22nd - January 24th. There is not usually a lot of snow on the ground at Lost Canyon around this time, however, this year was very different.

A large rain and snow storm had made it's way through Arizona a few weeks prior to our arrival leaving several inches of snow blanketing the entire area. It was a fun and exhausting weekend. I had twelve girls make it up to Winter Camp this year and Josh had 7 boys in his group attend. The days and nights were full of meetings, free time, snowball fights, hiking, and plenty of other activities for the kids to enjoy. Here is a picture of Josh and I at the summit of a small mountain just behind the camp that we hike as a group each year:

Coming back down to the Valley last Sunday only to watch my home football team, the Cardinals, be crushed in the NFC Championship game was bitter sweet to say the least. Monday arrived all too quickly and found me working all week long on a very complicated lease/purchase contract in which the buyer is using an unconventional financing option. On top of all that, I had two new agents sign on to my brokerage(which I'll be blogging about soon), and I taught three classes at the Arizona Academy of Real Estate. It's been a long, busy, productive week. The Spring buying season will be upon us before we know it and it will soon seem like there aren't enough hours in the day!