The Most Expensive Home sold in Arizona last week - 4/19/16

The most expensive home that sold in Arizona last week is a rustic, old-world home that seems strangely out-of-place and yet at the same time totally at home in it's desert location. The exterior follows a familiar Spanish architectural theme with smooth stucco walls and rounded corners along with a flat roof system and dark red tiles. The design style takes a turn with the heavy use of natural wood logs and stone that isn't indigenous to the area. A mix of classic desertscape along with vines and plants allowed to grow along walls and walk-ways provide a combination of greenery that adds to the eclectic feel. There are multiple courtyards and sitting area which will allow the new owner to take in the views of the eight green on the Chiricahua golf course in the Desert Mountain community in which this home is located. 

There isn't a lot of natural light on the interior of this luxury property. It's apparent that the look and feel was meant to be dark, rich, and secluded.Usually homes of this caliber have soaring 20 foot ceilings but you won't find those here. You will find nicely designed, decorative ceilings with oil-rubbed bronze and iron lighting fixtures which add to the shadowy mood. Beehive designed fireplaces, thick wooden cabinetry, and plenty of imported travertine and slate stone further the old-world theme throughout the interior. There isn't one real aspect of this home which stands out yet it all blends together. It did not take long to find a buyer once this property hit the open market so clearly this home hit the mark with someone who will thoroughly enjoy all of it's features. Click on the picture below for the full MLS listing:

Location: Scottsdale

Size: 6,300 sqft

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 4.5

Lot size: 44,860 sqft

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