Animals of the MLS

We've got two large, lurking beasts in this week's edition of Animals of the MLS. Curious as to the reason they've been relegated to the backyard, these best friends are peering through the glass trying to catch a glimpse of the stranger taking pictures who gets to enjoy being inside while they're stuck outside. The pleasant demeanor on their faces and neutral stances tell you that chances are slim that these boys would be a threat to anyone, however, their sheer size is enough to intimidate smaller children, older individuals, or even those who are bent towards having a fear of animals.  

This is a prime example of why it's so important that pets be kenneled or completely removed for home viewings. I'd venture to guess the homeowners would tell anyone that their beloved animals are friendly as can be, however, that doesn't mean they wouldn't be a distraction to home shoppers. Would you rather a prospective buyer be enthralled and engaged in the home that you're selling, or spend their time playing with and petting your dog without ever fully taking in all your home has to offer? Also, with two animals this size a homeowner needs to ensure all "leavings" and pet toys are picked up, thrown away, or put away. If a slight accumulation of pet droppings are found in the yard it will not only be an eyesore but also give off a foul stench giving a buyer a bad first impression. 

As for the picture itself, there are quite a few issues I would have corrected in this home before placing it on the market. The very first problem I have is how dark this room is even with the blinds open. The dark paint on the walls, the dark furniture, dark rug, and dark fixtures all lend to this room feeling dreary and dingy. Speaking of furniture, it's way too bulky for this space. The entertainment unit, and heavy wood table pieces would be better served in a cabin up in the mountains. It over powers this room and leaves a buyer wondering if there would be enough living area when in reality this is most likely a pretty standard size family room you would find in most homes. Lightening up the paint and storing a few of the furniture pieces would have opened up this room tremendously. Selling a home isn't necessarily a convenient task to undertake but if the goal is to sell, then preparing your home for the market isn't just about pricing it correctly. 

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