How long will it take to sell my Gilbert, AZ home? - April 2016

The amount of time it's taking to sell a home in Gilbert, Arizona plummeted in April after seeing a mild decrease the previous month. On average in the month of April 2016 a home in Gilbert took 60 days on market before finding a buyer as opposed to the previous month's number of 76.9 days. Going back a full year to April of 2015 the average home in Gilbert sold after 72 days on the market so we have certainly seen an improvement in even the year over year numbers. There are still some homes in the most highly sought after neighborhoods and locations which are selling almost as fast as they are being placed up for sale, and yet some other homes in the higher price brackets are taking longer than the average to sell. 

The most competitive price range in Gilbert, Arizona currently is that of the first time home buyer between $200,000 and $250,000. Homes in that price range are being bought up the quickest and some are receiving multiple offers within the first few weeks of being listed for sale.

We are now fully entrenched in the busy Spring and Summer selling season. Historically during this time of year it takes less time to sell a property as there are more buyers in the market for a new home. If you're a buyer, you want to see the Days on Market increase because for you that means you have more time to think about a home before needing to make an offer. If you're a seller you want to list your house sooner rather than later. The Spring and Summer time real estate market will bring more listings and more homes competing against yours for the eyes and dollars of buyers. Armed with a little knowledge and a hard-working real estate agent from Zion Realty buying or selling a home will be a little less stressful! 

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